How to Identify Dyed Pearls: 3 Simple Methods

Learn to easily recognize dyed pearls at home with these 3 basic techniques using just your eyes, a flashlight and UV light.

  1. Check the drill hole – dye buildup is visible around drill holes in dyed pearls. Natural pearls have clean drill holes.
  2. Examine under flashlight – look for blotches and uneven patches which are signs of dye. Natural pearl colors are solid and consistent.
  3. Observe under UV light – dyed pearls look green with splotches while natural pearls glow blue evenly.

    While professional lab testing offers definitive results, these hands-on methods allow quick checks. Evaluate drill holes, look for blotchiness, and utilize UV light clues. Familiarize yourself with common dyed pearl colors like bright green or red not seen in nature. Become a savvy pearl shopper with these simple tricks.



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