A Guide to Freshwater Pearl Classifications and Quality Grading Systems

Freshwater pearls come in a dazzling array of colors and qualities, ranging from pure white to vivid purples, pinks, and oranges. To help characterize freshwater pearls, gemological laboratories like Guild have developed specific trade names corresponding to certain pearl attributes. These poetic names aim to encapsulate the essence and beauty of different pearl types.

Aurora Borealis – The name “Aurora Borealis” confers Guild’s highest grading for exceptional quality white freshwater pearls. It invokes the natural wonder of the northern lights, representing the peak of pearl excellence. Aurora freshwater pearls achieve the top “Noble” ranking in Guild’s pearl classification system.

Beauty – Named for the Chinese legend Xi Shi, regarded as one of ancient China’s foremost beauties, “Beauty” designates high quality freshwater pearls from Guild. Xi Shi hailed from Zhejiang province, a key source of Chinese freshwater pearls. To earn the “Beauty” name, pearls must meet Guild’s high “Magnificent” rank.

Ultra Violet – The richly saturated purple pearls graded as “Ultra Violet” by Guild exemplify the deep mystic hues of the night sky. To qualify for this premium designation, purple-toned pearls must meet Guild’s “Superior” level minimum quality.

Fancy Violet – Guild labels mid-range saturated purple pearls as “Fancy Violet.” These regal purple pearls still reach upper quality echelons, rated “Superior” grade or higher by Guild.

Lilac – Soft pastel lavender pearls classified as “Lilac” by Guild capture the delicate blooms of spring. Guild grants its “Lilac” designation only to light purple pearls reaching “Superior” level or above.

Silver Pink – Barely blushed with a hint of peach, Silver Pink pearls are Guild’s grade for high quality light orange-pink freshwater pearls. The muted elegance of these fair pink pearls qualifies them for Guild’s elevated “Superior” classification minimum.

Sunrise – Warm orange to pink overtones worthy of a perfect morning sunrise earns freshwater pearls Guild’s “Sunrise” classification. To achieve this glowing designation, orange-hued pearls must meet Guild’s “Superior” level standards or higher.



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