A Comprehensive Guide to Caring for Your Precious Pearls

Pearls are a beloved gemstone that symbolize health, purity, wealth and happiness. They have been treasured since ancient times.

Pearls contain 17 amino acids, over 30 trace elements, taurine, vitamins and peptides.

The density of freshwater pearls is typically 2.66-2.78 g/cm3. They have a white streak, soft luster with iridescence, and are transparent to translucent. The refractive index is 1.530-1.686 with no dispersion. The hardness is 2.5-4.5, no cleavage, bubbles when exposed to hydrochloric acid.

Pearl colors include white, black, brown, pink, pale yellow, pale green, pale blue and pale purple, with white being the most common.

When wearing pearl jewelry:

  1. Avoid contact with organic solvents.
  2. Avoid sunbathing or baking, as pearls are vulnerable to heat which can accelerate decomposition of the nacre.
  3. Avoid contact with acids, alkalis or chemicals like perfume and nail polish which can affect color and luster.
  4. Avoid wearing in kitchens or places with oil fumes.
  5. Inspect regularly when wearing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               To treat yellowing, soak in 1-1.5% hydrogen peroxide. But over-bleaching will reduce luster. Or soak in dilute hydrochloric acid to restore color, but this works less well if very yellowed.

    When storing pearls:

    1. Store properly when not wearing, separate from other jewelry to avoid scratches.
    2. Store in a cool, shaded place to avoid dehydration.
    3. Do not store with mothballs.
    4. Do not clean with water, which can cause fermentation and discoloration if it enters the drill holes. Also avoid swimming or bathing while wearing.
    5. Wipe gently with soft cotton, sheepskin or velvet. Do not use any cleaning agents.
    6. Avoid long-term storage in a sealed jewelry box. Air them out regularly to avoid yellowing.


Hello, my name is Yang. I'm from China. I'm a freshwater pearl farmer who wants to share more of these beautiful gems with people worldwide. I grew up learning my family's time-honored cultivation methods. Now I supply high-quality freshwater pearls and pearl jewelry. Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to learn more about my pearls. I look forward to connecting with fellow pearl enthusiasts!

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